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Doctor and Patient

About us

Future Proof Health Limited was registered with Companies House Cardiff in August 2014 and commenced trading January 2015. The shareholders voted following an extraordinary general meeting on 20th January 2015.

The company is limited by shares, having 45 shareholders who represent the 42 General Practices within the Dudley Borough. The board is made up of Dudley General Practitioners and a Practice Manager. We continue to work closely with provider organisations to secure the future of Primary Care in and around Dudley. We are also IGSoC approved.

Future Proof Health Ltd. is a  General Practice Provider Organisation (GPPO) established in 2014 to maintain and enhance the work of Dudley primary care (general practice). We are working to secure the future of Dudley primary care  by working with commissioners and other provider organisations to maintain the current high level of care provided to patients across the Dudley Area. Supporting Primary Care through contract maintenance, we are helping to deliver tomorrow’s healthcare for the people of Dudley.

We will put the patients health needs at the centre of what we do. By helping Practices to work together we believe that we can work more effectively to protect, improve and expand the services that we can offer. We can achieve the efficiency, the identity and value of the small practice.

Board Members

The Board is made up of General Practice Partners and a Practice Manager currently working within the Dudley Borough who have been voted in by the shareholders. Our board members have a multitude of skills and a broad working knowledge of the population of Dudley and the Black Country to ensure its success in delivering tomorrows’ healthcare.

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