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Documents to assist GP in response to Covid-19

Below documents include:

-          A letter providing clarity on a number of contractual matters

-          An list developed by Umbrella Medical to support colleagues with actions in general practice

-          An information sharing agreement to support clear information flow during the epidemic

-          A presentation pack describing the patient flow across the system and draft key messages for primary care​

As we work to stand up the COVID19 centres this week and enact the data sharing, we will need to work with your COVID19 GP practice lead.

This will be to ensure we have the right resource and information for the COVID19 centre to operate during this transitional week.


We now have COVID19 clinical leads in each place, who are there for you to provide feedback or give your suggestions, these GPs are detailed below:

-          Dr Ruth Edwards (Dudley)

-          Dr Jon Darby (Dudley)

-          Dr Fiona Rose (Dudley)

-          Dr Ian Sykes (SWB)

-          Parmjit Marok (SWB)

-          Dr Anand Rischie (Walsall)

-          Dr Hammad Lodhi (Walsall)

-          Dr Salma Reehana (Wolverhampton)

Letter to GPs - COVID-19 20200316 v4

GP Connect HTML Shared Records - Information Sharing Statement v4 16-03-20

COVID-19 Healthcare System diagram V2

UMBRELLA Walsall COVID-19 Risk Matrix V2 Sheet1

UMBRELLA Walsall COVID-19 Risk Matrix V2 Notes

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