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Training Documents

B12 2021


BCNEF Menopause

COPD/Asthma 8.10.2019

Care process 22

Care certificate 2021

Cauldicott Guardian

Chaperone Training

Conflict Resolution

Diabetes Day

Diabetic Foot

Dudley Forums

Dermatology 2022

Ear Care Study Day

ENT 1/2

First Aid at Work

Flu Updates 2019

Foot Care 2022

Flu Updates 2022

HCA Programme 2019

Intro to Imms 2021

Intro to Wound Care

Infection Control




meet the coroner may 2022

New to Asthma

NMP Keep Calm

NMP Respiratory

Non Clinical Skills 2020

NMP Forum

Meet the coroner

Joint injection

Paediatric and Adult Triage 2019/2020

Paediatric and Adult Triage 2022

Planned programme diabetes

RCN Training

Rickets 2020

Urology Update 2019

Vaccs and Imms 2022

Walsall Forum 24.10.2019

Zoladex 2019

Zoladex 2020

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